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Kindergarten Readiness: Social Studies

What Is Social Studies?

An understanding of the community outside the home.

How Can I Teach This At Home?

1. Have children take part in holiday traditions to teach them about their heritage, culture, and family! (e.g., baking cookies, cooking a meal, putting out decorations, etc.)

2. Have children role play as workers in the community (e.g., doctors, firefighters, etc.).

1. Read books about people in different communities than the one you live in. Point out the differences as you read!

2. Read books about jobs adults can have as they grow up. This will help children understand that it takes all different kinds of people and jobs to make communities work!

1. Sing an American patriotic song, such as "This Land is Your Land", to teach kids about the community and nation we live in.

1. Be open and honest with your children when talking about race, gender, and identity. These discussions will help children become more open and tolerant as they grow!

2. Talk about the different people in your family and what they do.

3. Point out different people in the community you live in and the different jobs they have.

4. Point out community buildings as you drive. Ask your child, "Who works there? What do they do?".

1. Write a job-helper chart for children to do chores or other things around the house.

2. Have children sort and classify community helper occupations! These unique sorting cards will help children identify written words with common objects associated with professional people within your community.

Skills Checklist

Where Do I Start?

Need More?

The catalog for the Waco-McLennan County Library is available here!

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Did You Know?

Learning about the community they live in is important for children in multiple ways. Not only does it keep them safe, but it is important for them to understand more about where they live. By the time a child enters kindergarten, most should be able to identify their home address!

Online Resources

There are many different online resources for early literacy - and we know it can be overwhelming. The following apps, blogs/newsletters, videos, and websites are some of the materials we would recommend to learn more about social studies!