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Kindergarten Readiness: Art & Colors

What Is Art & Colors?

Understanding the difference between colors and the different ways to use art as a form of self-expression, imagination, and creativity.

How Can I Teach This At Home?


1. Have children play with different color toys.

2. Have children color and draw! Use different mediums, such as crayons, markers, and paint.

3. Let children play with all different kinds of art supplies. There are many different crafts/projects that you can make using materials found in your house! Check out some here!


1. Read books that feature lots of colors and have children identify the colors as they see them!

2. Read books about colors. This will help children understand how color can be a way of expressing themselves.


1. Sing "The Rainbow Colors Song" with your child!


1. Have children name a color when they see it!

2. Ask them questions like, "Which toy is green" when you are playing with different color toys. Additionally ask them to see if they can identify any of the other colors.

3. Point out colors on objects when you see them (e.g., a black dog, a pink flower, a green tree, etc.).


1. Have children write and color their name, shapes, or other pictures with different colors.

2. Have children create a rainbow!

Skills Checklist

Where Do I Start?

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Did You Know?

While color naming is thought to be a skill that is developed early-on, most children can't name their first color until they turn 3. By the time they go to kindergarten, most children will be able to identify several!

Online Resources

There are many different online resources for early literacy - and we know it can be overwhelming. The following apps, blogs/newsletters, and videos are some of the materials we would recommend!