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Kindergarten Readiness: Rhyming & Letter Sounds

What Is Rhyming & Letter Sounds?

The ability to recognize parts of spoken language, like syllables and rhymes. This also includes the different sounds that letters make (e.g., Long and Short vowel sounds).

How Can I Teach This At Home?

1. Play games using rhyming sounds (e.g., I Spy with my little eye...).

2. Play games with animal sounds.

1. Read books that are written in rhyme - this will help them reinforce similar sounding words!

2. Read books to your child that feature animal sounds. Make sure you sound them out loud! And encourage your child to play along!

1. Bounce, tap, or clap to the rhythm of the song.

2. Sing songs that feature a lot of rhyming words, such as "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and "Baa, Baa Black Sheep".
1. Encourage children to imitate sounds.

2. Encourage children to rhyme beginning sounds.

3. Clap syllables in children's names or in words they are learning. Clap once for each syllable in the word!

4. Point to a word. Say the word. Ask your child, "Can you name a word that sounds like that?".

1. Have children draw a picture of an animal and ask what sound the animal makes.

2. Write the child's name and point out the sound of the first letter of their name.

3. Point out writing when it occurs in books.

Skills Checklist

Where Do I Start?

The books listed below are a great jumping off point to teach kids about phonics!

Need More?

The catalog for the Waco-McLennan County Library is available here!

If you want to search for more resources in our catalog in this subject, we suggest you search for the following subject headings:

For more assistance with searching and locating items held by the Waco-McLennan County Library, use our Ask a Librarian feature available on our catalog website or stop in to one of our branches!

The Waco-McLennan County Library provides patrons with access to resources through our Electronic Resources page, which can be found here. Suggested databases are listed below:

Did You Know?

Even though the English alphabet has 26 letters, there are 44 different sounds that the 26 letters can make!

Online Resources

There are many different online resources for early literacy - and we know it can be overwhelming. The following apps, blogs/newsletters, videos, and websites are some of the materials we would recommend to learn more about phonological awareness!