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Tough Topics for Kids: Home

Library resources to help kids tackle the tough topics in life.


Tips for talking to kids about Tough Topics:

Find out what they already know. 
Ask a simple question at first like, "What do you already know about this?" Gauge the level of understanding and go from there. 

Listen for feelings. 
Questions can come up because a child is scared, sad or confused. Help your child give words to the feelings so you know where the conversation needs to start.

Leave space for conversation.
Be sure to listen and be ready for follow-up questions. Find out your child's opinions, ask them questions and resist the urge to "solve a problem"

Admit you don't know everything
It's okay to ask for time to think about the answers. Let your child know that you're taking the question seriously, but be sure to follow up as soon as you're ready.

Keep the conversation open
Be sure to remind them that you're available to talk about it (or something else) again. Their questions will grow with them, and open lines of communication help prevent misinformation. 

We've put together lots of age-appropriate resources to help you start your conversations.

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