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Tough Topics for Kids: Environment

Library resources to help kids tackle the tough topics in life.



Tips for talking to kids about the environment (from BioFriendly Planet):

Be clear and use facts to explain things. Explain to kids why it's important to conserve resources by turning off lights, not wasting water and recycling. Make sure they understand there are reasons behind your choices and actions. 

Leave space for questions. Honesty is key and listening is important. Instead of overexplaining complicated issues, answer the questions at hand and leave the conversation open, so that you can return to it later. 

Find the right setting. If a story on the news or a personal experience brings up concerns about the environment, children with come to you for answers. Try to connect the issue to their worldview and pay attention to emotions. Environmental issues can be overwhelming, so talk about small changes that make a difference.

Check out these titles to help you start a healthy conversation.