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Tough Topics for Kids: Bullies

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Tips for talking to kids about bullies (from

Remind your child that they aren't causing the bullying. Sometimes kids think if they look or act differently, the bullying will stop. Remind them not to be embarrassed or ashamed for sharing with you. 

Praise your child for talking to you about it. Let your child know that you are a team and will figure out what to do next together. Remind your child that he or she is not alone and that a lot of people get bullied.

Give some tips on reacting to bullies. Avoiding the bully, walking away and telling an adult are great ways to respond to a bully's threats or actions. Just talking about the problem with a trusted adult or friend can make your child feel better, too.

Help restore your child's confidence. Find an outlet like a hobby or club that can help your child spend time with friends in a positive environment. 

Check out these titles to help you start a healthy conversation.