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Genealogy Resources: Newspapers

Information in Newspapers

What is found in a newspaper?




Mail at the Post Office

Court Cases



Birth Announcements

Passenger Lists

Hotel Arrivals

Runaway Notices


Military Drafts


Business Notices

Land Transactions



Local News


Local News Index

The Waco Genealogy Center has Waco newspapers on microfilm. All issues of the Waco Tribune Herald from 1996-present have been indexed (as well as a few earlier issues). To search the local news index please click here

Print Resources

The Waco Genealogy Center has print indexes and abstracts for historic newspapers across the United States. Search our catalog to see if we have resources for where your ancestors lived. Search tip: Use the county where your ancestor lived as your keyword (example: Talbot County, GA). 

Genealogy Videos

Learn about the basics of newspaper research in Part VII of our Building and Researching Your Family Tree, a twelve part beginners' series. Click here to see other videos in this series. 

Local Newspapers on Microfilm

The Waco Genealogy Center has a variety of historic Waco newspapers available on microfilm. The following list is a synopsis of what is available. Please note that some dates may be missing within the years mentioned. 

(Waco) Weekly Telegraph 1856-1860

Waco Daily Examiner 1874-1878; 1881-1888

(Waco) Weekly Examiner & Patron 1875; 1878

The Day 1884-1890

Waco Daily News 1887-1891

Waco Evening News 1888-1889; 1891-1894

Waco Weekly News 1889-1893

The Gossip 1892-1893

Artesia 1893-1900

Waco Morning Times 1895-1896 

Waco Morning News 1895; 1911-1918

Brann's Iconoclast 1895-1898

Waco Daily Globe 1893

Waco Semi-Weekly News 1893

Waco Times Herald 1898-1973

Waco Weekly Tribune 1905

Waco Semi-Weekly Tribune 1905-1916

Waco Daily Tribune 1907

Cotton Palace Boll 1916

Waco News Tribune 1919-1973

Waco Farm & Labor 1931

Waco Record 1934-1949

Waco Citizen 1956-2006

Waco Tribune Herald (Morning & Evening editions 1973-1981) 1973-current


The Waco Genealogy Center has a variety of newspapers from smaller communities predominately in Central Texas available on microfilm. The following list is a synopsis of what is available. Please note that some dates may be missing within the years mentioned. 

Copperas Cove Courier 1959-1963; 1967; 1975-1976

Copperas Cove Leader 1978-1980

Copperas Cover Leader Press 1995-2005

Crockett Courier 1890-1901

Fairfield Recorder 1944-1954; 1957; 1984-2003

Groesbeck Journal 1896-1917; 1919-2013

Hamilton Times 1883-1884

Hamilton Herald 1883-1884; 1886-1887; 1889; 1891-1893; 1895-1896; 1902; 1904-1905; 1907; 1916-1917

Hamilton Progress 1893

Hamilton Rustler 1902; 1904-1907; 1911

Hamilton Record 1912-1922; 1925-1933; 1935-1939; 1941

Hamilton Record & Rustler 1914; 1918

Hamilton County News 1933-1940

Hamilton Herald News 1958-2013

Hamlin Herald 1907; 1912; 1914; 1918

Four County News (Hamlin) 1911-1912

Handley News 1918

Handsford Headlight 1914; 1918

Harlingen Star 1914; 1918; 1924

Harmon News 1904

Hubbard City News 1923-1964

Indianola Bulletin 1852-1854

Kosse Cyclone 1899-1942

Lampasas Chronicle 1859

Lampasas Weekly Dispatch 1871

Lampasas Dispatch 1872; 1877-1878; 1882; 1890

Lampasas Daily Times 1878

Lampasas Leader 1891-1892; 1894; 1904-1907; 1932-1934; 1938-1940

Lampasas Blade 1892-1893; 1904-1906; 1912; 1914; 1918

Marlin Daily Democrat 1897-1964; 1978-1988

Marlin Democrat 1998-2013

Mart Herald 1906-1924; 1930-1940; 1967-1968

Mart Daily Herald 1921-1934

McGregor Mirror 1978-1993; 1995-2001

Moody Courier 1969-2007

Riesel Rustler 1908-2018

Rosebud News 2011

Teague Chronicle 1906-1995

Thorndale Champion 2001-2009

Thornton Hustler 1915

Tiempo 1982-2006

Texian Advocate (Victoria) 1846-1850

West Times 1908-1910

Amerika Espiantisto (West) 1914-1920

West News 1914-2002

Woodville Republican 1823-1827; 1833-1848; 1878-1885; 1891-1901

Woodville Republican & Wilkerson Advertiser 1828-1853

Mississippi Democrat (Woodville, Mississippi)1831

Wortham Journal 1924; 1928-1930; 1933-1934; 1973; 1941-1944; 1947-1951; 1953-1956; 1965; 1978

Newspaper Formats

Resources for using newspapers in genealogical or historical research exist in many forms. Here are a few examples:

  • Online Databases
  • Printed Indexes and Abstracts
  • Microfilm
  • Original

Research Database

Free Newspaper Sites

The portal to Texas History Logo and Link

Portal to Texas History

This free site provides a searchable database of digitized Texas newspapers.

Chronicling America Logo and Link

Chronicling America

The Library of Congress provides access to digitized newspapers and the most complete U.S. newspaper directory. Use this site to search papers and find what libraries may have papers that have not yet been digitized.